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Hiring a Voiceover Artist: Union and Non Union

This article is part of the Hiring a Voiceover Artist series. You can find the rest of the articles here. 

SAG-AFTRA. A combination of two unions that now represents every aspect of voiceover work in the United States. But what is it, what does it mean, and what path should you take in your project?

This can be an awkward and confusing topic for several reasons, and let me start by explaining why I think this is the case. This is only my opinion, of course, and even among voice actors this is a divisive, contentious issue.

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After much waiting and anticipation, I’d like to present to you the amazing new cover for book 2 of the EPIC FAILURE series: COMMUNICATION FAILURE!

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Failing at Failing - Response To A Guardian Article About Giving Up Writing

I always start these articles by saying that I’m not in the habit of responding to news articles…but I seem to be doing this a lot. So maybe I am in the habit of responding to news articles.

Here’s the one in question - an anonymous Guardian vignette in the books section about an embittered writer who mostly seems to be venting.  Not that venting is bad of course, but I can’t see any other purpose of the article except to bemoan a writing career that never got off the ground - and then, for reasons I can’t understand, tell writers to “shut up” about the novels they’re writing.

This article needs some serious attention. 

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Hiring a Voiceover Artist: Rates

Welcome to the Hiring a Voiceover Artist Series! You can see the full list of articles in here.

I’ll be honest with you: voiceover artists are kind of expensive. I wanted to say that upfront to dispel any illusions that you’re about to read an article about how to get a bargain - as with all things, you are getting what you are paying for. If you read my article on whether or not you need a voiceover artist, you might remember my analogy of a voiceover artist being the frame to a sports car. You spent a lot of time coming up with the message and the content, and you want someone that’s going to deliver it with maximum impact.

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Oxenfree Now On iPhone

Just about a year ago, I was cast in a really interesting game called Oxenfree, put together by some developers that had worked at both Disney and Telltale Games. Since then it has taken the world by storm, has been covered in every major gaming outlet, and has been nominated for droves of awards.

Now it’s available on iPhone!

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