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The (Red) Pen Is Mighter

So, after nearly two months of hibernation, The Last Scion is now under severe revision.  I have decided that although my speed at writing can be advantageous, it also has its severe drawbacks.  Apparently when I write a 600 page novel in a month, I have a tendency to leave things out.  Things like good imagery and description.  Things like character development and backstory.  You know, little things.

In response to this, I've decided to purposefully slow myself down by printing out the entire manuscript and going at it line by line with a red pen.  Whew.

I will say that my adventures in writing over the last 8 months have led me down a new path that I'd never even imagined.  My writing companions have been very supportive and instructive, and I've learned to read and write with new eyes.  As I am going through The Last Scion, I am realizing how much I've grown.  Rather than being totally discouraged by what I am reading, I am instead excited.  Unlike when I wrote the draft, I feel like I have the tools with which to fix it.  I see areas where I can make improvement and I know exactly how to do it.  I had approached editing it with a large amount of trepidation, much like one approaches watching home videos of oneself.  You know you're about to see some really embarrassing stuff.  In this case, however, I can edit those home videos and make them look like professional movies.

Thanks to everyone who has given me support during this insane writing project I've undertaken.  I hope I can do you all justice by putting out a product that is a compelling story with engaging characters and an immersing setting.  This draft will probably take me another month, but at the end, I think I am going to be proud of what I read.

Either that, or another two months of hibernation will yield another home movie.  We'll see.

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