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"Spoons" Accepted for Publication!

I just finally got word that DailyScienceFiction has decided to publish my flash "Spoons".  This marks the first story for which I am being paid an official professional rate!

Strangely enough, Crumbling Butterflies and Spoons - my two best payrate stories - were both written in the most non-writing-conducive circumstances ever.  Crumbling Butterflies was the first flash I ever tried, written in 15 minutes in a Starbucks in the middle of Alabama on a whim.  Spoons, on the other hand, was written while I was at work...and supposed to be doing work.   I'm not sure what that says about my writing.  Maybe I need to keep a day job so that I can break the rules and write during it.

By the way, if my boss asks, I wrote "Spoons" at home in a comfy arm chair with fuzzy slippers on.

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