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Been A While

Well, I can't be blamed.  I've spent most of my summer traveling around Europe, and I'm not done yet.  Something had to give.  Everything gave, for a bit.

I'm back for at least 5 days this time, and I'm feeling creatively refreshed and ready to go.  I have several daunting projects ahead of me.

First, I am going to be going through the next revision of The Last Scion, which I will then begin querying to agents. In the meantime, because working on only one thing bores me, I'm working on the worldbuilding and concept stages of two other novels.  The first is the first book in a trilogy that's tentatively named "The Deicide Trilogy".  I'm excited about that one because I'll be mashing together a couple of different concepts in a world that's decidedly huge.  The second is what I believe will be a one-book fantasy called "In the Shadow of Legends", based off an idea I got while doing some ancestry hunting in Italy.  Thanks, Grandpa.

I have several pieces out right now, including a couple of submissions to the Machine of Death anthology.  If you haven't checked out that quirky collection, I highly recommend it.  Submitting to it was a bit out of my genre, but once I read the premise I couldn't resist.  I did manage to sneak some fantastical elements in there.  We'll see if they bite.

One of my favorite pieces called Welcome to Deadtown is going to print in an anthology by Pill Hill Press here in a couple of weeks.  I'll post when it's available.

In the meantime, I've purchased a giant dry-erase board to hang in my office.  I hope to act like a mad scientist and madly scribble on it at 4 AM when the ideas are refusing to let me go to sleep, but my wife will probably just come down and draw a cartoon on it to fill the blank space.  I'm hoping for the mad scientist thing.

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