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A Confidence Booster

Everyone needs one sometimes, and that's okay.  We all get caught in spirals that move upward, downward, leftward, rightward, inward, outward, whereverward.

I've been in a bit of a slump lately.  I've been pounding out words on my new novel In the Shadow of Legends (rapidly approaching 150,000 words at barely halfway through the plot) but they don't feel very good.  A lot of it feels sort of empty and shallow, like I'm really just sort of journaling about the days of someone who has just a slightly more interesting life than me.

At the same time, I've been looking at older pieces of writing and wondering what the heck  I was thinking.  There's something yet missing from my writing, something that I haven't quite grasped how to do yet.  I think it's LIFE, but I'm not entirely sure.  It will require many more wasted (alright, not necessarily wasted) words before I figure out what it is, I think.

In the meantime, I needed something that would boost my confidence.  Something that says "Hey:  You're not just decent at something.  You're awesome."

So what is that? TypingTest.com, that's what's that.



That's right. I type 120 words per minute.  They might suck.  They might be drivel, nonsensical, or even offensive, but they're fast.  I have a water-cooled keyboard that also helps power New York City's streetlights.  I've been asked by the scientists working on the Hadron Collider to slow down, because my fingers are throwing electrons into counter-spins and messing with their results.  Superman won't use a computer because he's embarrassed.  Chuck Norris takes typing lessons from me.  

So there.

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