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A Nice Little (Essentially Meaningless) Surprise

YouWriteOn.com is a UK Council of the Arts funded website where authors upload the opening chapters of their novels, and through a give and take review process receive anonymous feedback from other authors.  The books are all rated, and at certain intervals throughout the year books are passed on to professional editors from top publishing firms for a special critique and edit.  It doesn't guarantee publication, but it certainly gets your name out there.

The Last Scion has done extremely well on this site.  I wasn't really expecting much, since its a website with thousands of authors submitting thousands of pieces, but a few months ago The Last Scion reached #3 on the book list!  That was nice, but also a thing of transience.  Books are constantly shuffling back and forth on the list, falling 20 places in an instant.  The Last Scion ended up  staying for a few months in the top 15.

But then...

I opened the novel profile today after not looking at it for a while and saw something that REALLY got me going.  The Last Scion made #6 on the Best Seller list of 2011!  Now, that doesn't mean that it sold anything, or it received any professional attention, but this list is reserved for the best books on the website of all time.  It does, however, mean that it will probably be looked at for the overall best book competition of 2012, and it means that I was ONE PLACE away from receiving a professional crit at the end of the month in which it appeared.

Like I said, without some attention to go with it, it's essentially meaningless.  But it's nice every once in a while to have your writing appear in something that shows high praise that's not because someone who knows you read it and doesn't want to hurt your feelings :)

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