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A Couple Of Strange Career Turns

The last couple of weeks seems to be the time when I sort of stare blankly at my computer and say, "Whaaaaa?"

It all started after Save the Date was released.  I was outrageously happy with the way the production turned out, thanks to the folks at Dunesteef, and a few nice comments on their forums gave me the warm fuzzies that every author likes to hear.  I got to listen to it on my way home from the beach during a business trip to California, and it really made the traffic suck much less.

A few days later, I got an email from an unassuming gentleman in Japan.  That's right, Japan.  A member of the Able School of English had liked my story so much he wanted to use it as a piece of the school curriculum.  I can only assume, therefore, that he wanted to teach his children a.) how to make themselves the outcasts of society, b.) how to enchant a calendar or c.) how to avoid being killed by a hoard of Mayan warriors.  These are the only things I think are educationally valuable about that story.  Needless to say, I am flattered.  It means that not only am I international, but that my strangeness will be talked about in languages I don't understand.

I got an email from the Dunesteef folks shortly thereafter requesting an unbelievable amount of voice acting talent:  one line in two stories.  Seriously guys, you think my days are 25 hours long?  Thanks to my dear friends Jen and Steve Lerud and Lakeview Studios, I was able to cut the lines in a few minutes and send them away.  The first one, "The Question" is available on the Dunesteef Website - I'm the man who rushes into the bar and shouts about "Doc Z." being on television. Could this be the first recording in a long career of voice acting?

No.  But it's fun, and I'd love to do it again.

There are also a few other career moves I'm in the process of making, but I'm not quite ready to talk about them just yet.  Not everything in my life has to do with writing.

Pity, that.  Maybe someday.

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