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First Self-Published Short Story ON SALE NOW

I did it!

I finally released one of my short stories as a self-published work on several e-book mediums.  I am outrageously excited about getting my work out there.  For those of you visiting my blog for the first time, I do want to say that I'm not a total newbie.  I've had works published in professional magazines in-print and on the web, and this isn't just me self-publishing my work because nobody else will buy it :)

If you own a KINDLE you can purchase it at Amazon.

If you own a NOOK you can purchase it at Barnes and Noble.

If you own NEITHER, you can purchase it at Smashwords in a variety of formats.

Aside from buying the short story ($0.99  and free electronic shipping), the best thing you can do is PASS IT ON.  Tell people about the short story and leave a review on the website from which you bought it.

Introducing:  A RED THING by Joseph Zieja, a dark fantasy short story

"A red evil has fallen upon the world. The Maji Benkara, demons who crave sensation and pleasure not accessible to them in their ethereal forms, must possess humans to achieve a vicarious life. They rule with magic, with fear, and with cruelty - but they need a willing host to do it.

"A Red Thing" follows one man's journey through the dissolution of his humanity as a Maji Benkara takes control of him and uses his body to wreak havoc. The lines become blurred between a conscience lost and a power gained, and he must fight every moment to retain some shred of the man he once was."

Now that I'm all excited, go buy my story!



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