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New Short Story on Amazon

"A Bit of Sparkle," by Joseph Zieja

"Hoodwinked" meets ancient Israel!

In this humorous biblical parody of the book of 2 Samuel, Joab's unlucky wife Mara isn't feeling appreciated. As King David's finest confidant and general, Joab is always off fetching Philistine foreskins, punishing Amalekites, or trying to prevent one of David's sons from staging a coup d'etat.

Well, Mara has had enough. She wants the attentions of her husband, and she wants them now. And she'll do anything to get it.

This story is available on Amazon.com - click the link at the top of the page to buy.  Please share with as many people as you can!  My last story was a great success, and it was all thanks to the willing participation of lots of my friends and fans.

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