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Do You Like Video Game Music? Then You'll LOVE This.

Two of my passions sort of emerged as one throughout my life:  music and video games.  The first songs I ever plunked out on a piano were from the Final Fantasy VI soundtrack, I've been to live video game concerts, and now I'm a part of...

OverClocked Remix is this insane community of nerds that, with our powers combined, create modern, strange, creatively interpretive arrangements of video game music.  The community has existed since 1999, and since then a completely volunteer force of select musicians have contributed over 2,000 remixes.  These aren't just MIDI arrangements thrown on a website, these are professional-quality pieces from musicians all over the world, including those that have worked on video games like Mass Effect 2.

I got involved early this year with a bluegrass remix of a Final Fantasy VII tune, and since then I've been invited to work on some sub-community projects, all volunteer, all non-profit.   I'm tremendously excited to be sharing my passions with such a great group of musicians, and our newest project is something worth paying attention to.

This four-CD compilation will be available FREE for download sometime in the next 6-8 months.  Right now, we're running a Kickstarter to try and get some funds for the production costs, which includes printing, organization, and studio time/studio musicians.  This is the project for which I won the remix competition with my Django-style arrangement of Phantom Train.

I invite you to check out the community and the Kickstarter for an opportunity to contribute and receive some really sweet bonus content like physical copies of the album and some of the previous albums released on OCRemix.  Below is an introduction from one of the co-directors of the project, Andrew Aversa (remix handle Zircon).  Come join the fun!

Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin KICKSTARTER


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