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Respecting Your Roots: Niteblade's Blog Train

I haven't been doing this for very long.  Only in the last quarter of 2010 did I figure out that writing was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  Now, almost two years later, I'm still pretty convinced that writing, along with music, is one of my core passions.

At first I flailed around like any newbie.  I wrote some ridiculous things and tried to get my wife to read them.  Even she couldn't get through them, and she (ostensibly) loves me for richer or for poorer, for their, there, or they're.  Deep down I think I understood that I had to put in some time, but the A-type personality in me started sending out stories anyway.  I got flooded with rejection slips - because that's what every writer does - and even made a separate folder in my mailbox for them (I currently have well over 50).

Then, out of nowhere, I had a couple of breakthroughs.  Two magazines bought a couple of my stories and all of a sudden I was jumping around in my office at work.  I was a published author!  I wasn't a penny richer, but hell, I did it!

We all have our starting points.  One of mine was Niteblade.  And you gotta respect your roots.

In celebration of five years in the business, Nightblade is starting a blog train.  Authors that have been published in their magazine are doing an Olympic-torch style run; each of us is posting a blog article about the magazine in turn.  Yesterday was Beth Cato and tomorrow is Ash Krafton.  Today is me!  Each author seems to be ruminating on his or her journey through the mess that is the writing profession.

So if you're riding the blog train, I hope you enjoy your stop at Ziejaville.  It's a crazy place; we have pizza and pierogis and Biblical parodies.  Take a break, check out some of the stories I have on Amazon, and make sure to visit my Military in Fiction series for the perspective of a serviceman that likes to take a break from blowing things up and write about dragons.

MOST OF ALL:  Go and support Niteblade!  There are some great stories to read, the issues are cheaper than cheap, and you'll be paying into the next generation of writers.  Think of it as an investment, so that in a few years you can walk into Barnes and Noble and pick up the best book you've ever read.

Tomorrow:  Make sure you hop back on the train and head over to Ash Krafton's site.  Honestly, I'm seeing all these stops on the train and getting pretty jealous!  There is lots of great talent out there.

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