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The Boy With the Yellow Scarf: A Video Game Music Commission

I was recently contacted by an artist who has created a character named Reize for the purpose of finding a home for him in a Japanese RPG (JRPG) style game.  He wanted me to do two things: create a theme song for the character and create a battle theme for a possible future game.

He was very happy with the song I wrote for the character, and I wanted to share it with you all here.  You can hear it by playing the YouTube video embedded in the linked page.  Danny's art is amazing as well, so take some time to check out the eye candy on his DeviantArt page as well.

That piece was a ton of fun to work on!  I got to flex some creative muscles that went beyond my normal OverClocked Remix tracks - I wasn't working with any sort of pre-determined melody or within a certain style.  I got to take a look at a character, read a bit about him, and think to myself, "what would be playing in the background for this young boy?"  It was a wonderful experience, and many thanks to Danny for allowing me the opportunity.  I'm excited to finish the battle theme as well.

Do you have a similar project that you'd like some music for?  Shoot me a quick email via the "contact" tab above and we can have a chat.

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