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Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin RELEASED!

Skip my bullshit and get straight to the music HERE.  It’s FREE!


I. Love.  Video Game.  Music.  I really do.  It might sound nerdy (it is) it might sound weird (well, maybe), but it’s some of my favorite stuff to listen to on the planet.  Some of my first out-of-my-own money CD purchases were soundtracks from video games – specifically Final Fantasy VI.  It is an instant nostalgia button that evokes emotional responses that I can’t really describe, and I’m not going to try.  It’s an intensely personal experience.

I joined the OverClocked Remix community in January of 2012, just about two and a half years ago, after a lifetime of depravity in not knowing that it existed. An entire community of musicians willing to donate their time and talent for the furtherance of video game music as an evolving, highly creative art form?  It just seemed too good to be true.  And even then, listening to the font of genius that is OCR, never did I really think I could contribute.

Today, OverClocked Remix released FINAL FANTASY VI:  BALANCE AND RUIN.  This album represents the incredibly diverse talents of 74 musicians combined to create 74 tracks of content spread across five traditionally-portioned discs.  It is a gargantuan effort marvelously directed by the incredibly talented and dedicated Andrew Aversa (Zircon) and Michael Vafeas (McVaffe).  This whole thing would never have been possible without them, and I thank them both from the bottom of my heart for creating the opportunity for what has been one of the greatest musical experiences of my life.

Physical copies of the album with artwork and other bonuses were available to Kickstarter backers (sorry if you missed the boat!) but otherwise the album is available 100% free online to anyone that wants to share the joy.  Today a fantastic day for music, and I know it’s a fantastic day for me.


-          Joe (XPRTNovice)

My Tracklist:

Disc 1:   La Montaña de los Caballos Jóvenes
A Fistful of Nickels (Collaboration with Zircon)

Gobble, Snarf, Snap

Disc 2:

Bad Octopus (Collaboration with Fishy)

Disc 4:

Go-Go Gadget Gonkulator

The Narshemellow

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