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Renaissance Man Studio, LLC!

How to Terrify Yourself, by Joseph Zieja

Step 1:  Start your own business.

Step 2:  Post a blog entry about it.

Step 3:  ...Profit!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present my new website and new business:

Renaissance Man Studio, LLC!

I feel obliged to tell you how I arrived here, but you can just go ahead and click the above link to skip my bullshit and see the glory that is my new website.

When I was 15, I got one of my first "on-the-books" jobs as a telemarketer for a sales company --  Put down that knife!  There's a point to this story, and I promise I only did it for one summer and I never called you at dinner.  I came across some very, um, colorful personalities (and strange last names), one of which was clearly a woman of African descent who began very enthusiastically praising the timbre of my voice.  Instead of buying what I was selling (damn her), she began raving about how nice my voice was and did I sing in a choir and oh what a sweet young man I was!  I hung up and promptly forgot about the conversation for thirteen years.

Then, this year, I decided to try my hand at the voiceover business.  By that I mean: all those commercials and whiteboard animation videos and cartoons and video games have to get their voice talent from somewhere, right?  Well, now, they (or at least a small percentage of them) get it from me.  My recording studio was pretty ideal for giving this a shot, and since February of 2013 I've amassed over 50 clients and starred as a cartoon panda speaking Arabic for a children's game (I know, right?).   It's proving to be very successful for me and a lot of fun.

Then, with the sudden boom I've been experiencing on OverClocked Remix, I thought - hey, why not include music in this gig too?  So I started offering custom music services to my voice clients, some of whom took me up on the offer.  And then I started getting contracts for independent video games and stuff too (visit the new site's blog for more info).  It seemed like the pieces were all coming together.

So I thought I would create the Trifecta of the Starving Artist:  making a career out of three horrifically non-lucrative professions all at once.  I could be a starving author, a starving musician, and a starving voiceover artist all from the comfort of my home.

And so here I am.  A certifiably insane business owner with a bunch of guitars and apparently a pretty good Arabic panda voice.  I'm very excited, very nervous, and maybe I'm clinging to my day job a bit.

This site, josephzieja.com, will continue to remain active as the main conduit for my author career, and will also continue to be my personal blog where I'll post random musings, news, and other such things.  But now I get to manage TWO sites with TWO blogs and TWO Facebook accounts and TWO Twitter accounts.  I feel like a monkey who has just been given a whole new row of shiny red buttons to press.

Many thanks to PJ Icasas  who helped me conceptualize and organize the site, as well as to my wife who came up with the awesome idea for the Da Vinci logo.

Go check out www.renmanstudio.com !

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