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The End of FFVII - The Web Series

I suppose it’s a few weeks past due that I post something about this, but the Final Fantasy VII Web Series has been cancelled.

In short, it boiled down to a legal dispute we’re having with Square Enix – one that we always knew we were going to have but had hoped that Square would be professional enough to overcome.  Despite attempting to work with them for months through several forms of communication (email, snail mail, phone calls, everything but flying to Japan) they chose to ignore us.  We were open and honest about what we were doing with absolutely everyone involved, especially Square – they knew exactly what we were doing and when we were going to do it for almost six months.  We got media coverage from ridiculously popular gaming online mags like Kotaku and TheWired and Crunchyroll.

But…they still ignored us.

That is, until we tried to use Kickstarter to fund the project.  Then they brusquely came down on us with a takedown notice, said nothing, and continued to refuse to respond to our many professional missives.

We knew we were going out on a limb with this one, but we had (albeit perhaps naive) hopes.  Square isn’t known for being lenient with fan projects, and have shut down several before.  But they also have made deals before with fan organizations like OverClocked Remix.  We hoped that, with all the amazing stuff we had out there already , Square might see this as an opportunity to reclaim some of the fan support they’ve lost through the past few iterations of Final Fantasy.  Instead, they took it as an opportunity to maintain their already scarred reputation and uphold the perception that they’re not very interested in what fans want.

So maybe I’m a little bitter. I think everyone on my team was – and we had a right to be.  Haters gonna hate, of course.  We’ve seen plenty of that, and combined with the outright rudeness that comes with the implied anonymity of internet communication, it was a pretty discouraging time.  Regardless, though, our team of fifty some odd fans got together and tried to do something amazing with the Final Fantasy VII world, and no amount of tactless trolling is going to diminish that.  We know what we were capable of bringing to the fan community, and we know what Square Enix lost by choosing corporate elitism over professional relationships.

The team has moved on to other individual projects, but we’ll all be keeping in touch and pulling on the massive talent pool we’ve accumulated.  For me, it’s time that I start focusing on my writing again; DEATH BEAR AND THE SNUGGLE OF DOOM is in its last edit and Book 1 of THE DEICIDE SAGA is shortly behind it.  And NaNoWriMo 2013 is coming up!  While one dream might be dead, a hundred others are rising up to take its place.  That and I’ve launched my music and voice website, which you can find over at www.renmanstudio.com.  I have several projects that I’m working on that I hope to be able to announce in the coming weeks.

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