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A Writing Workshop For Those That Can't Afford a Writing Workshop

If you're not familiar with Mary Robinette Kowal, she's one of the hosts of Writing Excuses as well as being a veteran puppeteer and fantasy author.  She's great people, and she's one of the best advocates out there for up-and-coming writers.  I wanted to help spread the word about a workshop she's offering, because it sounds like a really wonderful opportunity.

"I’m offering a one-day intensive on writing rounded characters. This is a sliding scale workshop and is specifically for people who can’t afford to attend a regular workshop. You don’t have to submit a writing sample, or jump through any hoops to apply. Just pay what you can. If that’s $5, that’s fine. If it’s $50. Cool.

I just ask that if you can afford to pay for a full workshop, in this case $150, that you sit this one out. It’s part of my regular weekend intensive. I’m only breaking it out into a single day because I figure there are folks who can ask for one day off from work, but not two."


Part of the magic of Writing Excuses and other like-minded efforts in the modern age is that it makes writing feel accessible and achievable to those who have always thought that publication was something that happened to other people.  This is just another great opportunity from the pros who remember what it was like to be that person, and trying their damndest to make sure it doesn't hinder the newcomers.

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