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Oxenfree Now On iPhone

Just about a year ago, I was cast in a really interesting game called Oxenfree, put together by some developers that had worked at both Disney and Telltale Games. Since then it has taken the world by storm, has been covered in every major gaming outlet, and has been nominated for droves of awards.

Now it’s available on iPhone!

The Verge wrote a great little piece on the game and its release on the phone, but if you haven’t checked it out because you haven’t had the hardware, now is a great time to experience this spooky, teenage coming-of-age story with really fantastic writing and dialog. 


It’s been nominated for awards all over the place, including the Game Developers Conference and the BAFTAs and has captured the hearts of millions of gamers all over the world. My presence in the game notwithstanding, it’s a wonderful representation of the development of storytelling in video games. 

Having played it, the format of the game should translate really well to mobile, as most of the meat is in your dialog choices and basic movement, so you should still get the absolute full experience of Oxenfree in all of its glory.


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