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My Disney Channel Appearance!

Hey guys! I have a bunch of announcements coming up about stuff that I’ve recorded over the last year or so. It’s the way the voiceover world works; you record something, and then forget about it for a year (sometimes two) before it comes out. There’s so much work involved in post-production that sometimes it takes a while. 

Today, I’m happy to announce my first-ever Disney Channel appearance. In Lego Friends of Heartlake City, Episode 17 (or 19, depending on the region) entitled “Dive In,” you can find me as Tad, the dreamy/cheeseball lifeguard who also has somewhat of an obsession with clean teeth.

Many thanks to the wonderful folks at Bang Zoom for working with me on this one. I got to work with the very talented director Michael Donovan, who was instrumental in bringing this character to life. 

If you missed the cable airing, you can see it at Disney Channel’s on demand website, here, by logging into your cable provider. 

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