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New YouTube Series - Click & Schtick

Hi everyone! I have new stuff to talk to you about! I’ve realized that I haven’t been producing a whole lot of content for social media. I’ve got all these things that I do: voice acting, writing books and stories, playing music, jumping around like an idiot in parkour…I wanted to see if there were some ways that I could put them together to come up with a fun, innovative idea.

And I did. Well, I came up with like 14 ideas. “Ideas are cheap,” they say. But I wanted to find one in particular that I thought was fun, so I am pleased to introduce CLICK & SCHTICK, my new Let’s Play series on YouTube involving old point-and-click adventures.

Here’s a video introducing the series:

Season 1 is going to be Quest for Glory 1, which has already been filmed. Subscribe on YouTube so you know what’s up!

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