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Frequently Asked Questions about booking Joe

I offer SourceConnect Now, phone patch, and Skype. I do not have a native ISDN connection – because it’s not available at my studio – but I will go to a local studio that DOES have a great ISDN setup if the project budget is sufficient for me to travel and pay the studio fee. I can also bridge from Souce Connect Now to ISDN to make it ACT like an ISDN. This is a service I’ve used dozens of times to produce ISDN results without 1970s technology. Please note that minimum budgets apply depending on how long you want to direct me.
I am located in the Los Angeles area, but prefer to do most of my projects from my home studio because, you know, LA traffic. I will, however, travel to studios for projects with sufficient budgets. If you need me on site remotely (outside the Los Angeles area), I’m open to the idea, but please understand that I will be charging you for time spent away from my primary income studio.
I invoice either through a billing services (Falcon Paymasters) or through PayPal, and each invoice has instructions on how to pay. I accept PayPal directly (which means you can pay with a credit card, bank transfer, or your own PayPal balance) and check, mailed directly to the address on the invoice. For foreign transactions, I generally accept PayPal only.
Unfortunately, no. In general, putting my personal information in multiple, client-specific payment systems is generally both a security risk and makes it difficult to track when payments are complete, resulting in me sending you unnecessary nastygrams for unpaid invoices. In some cases, I’ve had to spend an hour on the phone with customer service because those payment sites didn’t work properly; I’d have to bill you for that studio time.
My voiceover files SMOKE when you get them. I typically offer a same-day turnaround on most projects, but you can be comfortable in knowing you’ll likely receive something within 24 hours.
The easiest thing to do is to ask. I’m working on a site upgrade that will have a schedule of dates where I am traveling or otherwise unable to record, but for right now just shoot me an email. I am a full time professional talent.
I can give you some ballpark amounts, but quoting voiceover can be complicated since it factors in length, distribution, the number of edits, and the parent company. Please just contact me any time for a quote. If you’re not familiar with the way voiceover is quoted, don’t worry! I’ll walk you through what increases or decreases the budget and point you to some helpful references.
I unfortunately don’t have time to coach, but you should absolutely check out the Global Voice Actors’ Academy. They can take you from zero to full time talent with all of their amazing courses.
Of course! I have clients all over the world and a variety of ways to patch you in. I do generally ask for a deposit from international clients with whom I have not previously worked.
Yes. Here are a list of services that are NOT included in a basic voiceover quote, but I can provide for additional fees:
A. Copy writing and editing (I will refer you to excellent editors for this).
B. File splitting greater than 20 files for elearning, etc.
C. Mixing music, video, and voice together.
D. Composing custom music for your project.
E. Casting services (if you need more than just me for a video game, cartoon, etc - I will find you talent).
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