Hiring a Voiceover Artist

Here you'll find a repository of the Hiring a Voiceover Artist article series, written specifically to educate and inform clients looking to add professional voices to their project. Please make sure to follow my blog to make sure you stay updated with the latest articles, and follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more news and info. 

Below you'll find a link to each blog article; later, there may follow either videos or podcast recordings for you to enjoy. 

HAVA #4: What the heck is the union?
HAVA #5: Live Direction Options
HAVA #6: Successful Directing
HAVA #7: Edits
HAVA #8: Expected Services
HAVA #9: Contracts and Agreements
HAVA #10: Long Form Projects
HAVA #: Playtime - Ad-libbing and Improv
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