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Welcome to the world of a man who will do just about anything if it involves a great story. Joe Zieja is an author, a voice over artist, and a consummate nerd who believes that stories are the currency of human emotion and that music is the literal language of gods. You've heard his voice on Pandora, your television, ‘Oxenfree’ for Xbox, Ps4 and PC, ‘Job Simulator’ for VR systems all over the world, and ‘Star Fox: The Battle Begins’ as the voice of Fox McCloud.

He's also the author of the EPIC FAILURE trilogy, the first book of which - Mechanical Failure - debuted in June 2016 from Saga Press, an imprint of Simon and Schuster. The trilogy reflects on his decade of military and government experience with a sense of absurdity and humor only available to someone that has had to fill out his social security number over seventeen thousand times and who still cannot get the Help Desk to fix his goddamn computer.

The Voice

Joe's been the voice of thousands of companies and occasionally drunk panda bears/fox aviators/creepy radios in video games. See what he's been up to (and find out if he's right for your project, too). Listen to the demos

The Writer

Joe writes books! No, really! Barnes and Noble said that Mechanical Failure stood "proudly next to [Douglas] Adams" and that it "is EXPLETIVE funny sci-fi." Check out the books

The Human

The long story of Joe Zieja that you probably never thought you'd not want to never hear, presented by a 100% real fake magazine. About Joe
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