Hi everyone! Welcome to the new JoeZieja.com. I apologize for the construction period, but after I got some news, I thought it was time for an upgrade. What was that news you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.

I am happy to announce that Saga Press (the new speculative fiction imprint of Simon and Schuster) has purchased my novel MECHANICAL FAILURE, releasing on June 7th, 2016!



In the meantime, I would love it if you followed me on Twitter or Facebook  to get news and updates on the book tour, release information, and other stuff. The site has stayed mostly the same – you still get military in fiction advice, blog stuff, and all that. There’s a new Events page where you can creepily track where I am at all times.  And you still get a tutorial in pronouncing my last name, to wit:

It sounds like zebra, except you take the “br” sound and replace it with a “j” sound. It’s really that easy.

That’s about it! Welcome to my new home on the web, and I apologize in advance for any and all shameless self-promotion that occurs between now and June 2016!